Thursday, January 27, 2011

Once in a Generation a Musical Comes Along...

I got the privilege of seeing Spring Awakening about two weeks ago and it was absolutely amazing!!!  If you read my dad's blog you will know he has already talked about Spring Awakening.  Well as he is 25 years older than I am, the message spoke to me a little differently.  He saw it as a great reason why parents need to teach their children about sex and what is going on inside their bodies.  While I whole heartedly agree with that,  I saw it more as an anthem for my generation.  The story  does on a whole deals with what happens when teens are uneducated about sex and the shame society puts on them for any and all sexual desires.

My favorite character in the show is Moritz.  He tries his hardest to succeed in school, but he starts having dreams of a sexual nature and it completely disrupts his life.  He doesn't know why these dreams are occurring, yet he somehow knows how all the adults will react and because of this he becomes completely racked with shame and guilt.  

On the other hand you have Wendla.  In the show she ends up having sex and becomes pregnant. (She is completely ignorant about where babies come from so she has no idea that sex is a "sin")  When she finds out she is pregnant her mother freaks out on her.  Wendla's reaction is very different than Moritz's.  While Moritz is ashamed and lets his sexual desire dismantle his life to the point he can't handle it and thinks his only escape is to take his own life, Wendla takes the news that she is pregnant and decides that she is happy because she loves her baby and the father of the baby. She doesn't let the shame get to her even though her mother is VERY disappointed.  Her mother however, is so driven by that shame that she forces Wendla to have a botched abortion, leading to her death. Which the family covers up blaming her death on anemia. 

The sad thing is that it's been more than 100 years since the original play was written and nothing has changed.  There is still the shame that comes with having sex before you are married.  I have had plenty of friends feel that they are horrible people and they aren't worth anything just because they had premarital sex.  And it's not because what they did was wrong, but because they have been told over and over that they have sinned. And when you are told over and over that you are no longer chaste and pure and that you are now tainted and no man will want you, you start to believe it.  One of the many messages in Spring Awakening and possibly my favorite, is that sex is OKAY!!!  And if you choose to have it or not that is your choice, but don't feel like less of a person because of what you have chosen.  In short the point I'm getting at is that Spring Awakening is a great show with wonderful music and great characters!  It has something everyone can learn and or relate to!!! 



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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. Older teens need to realize that having sex, in a consensual manner, is nothing to be ashamed of. It is one expression of love, desire,and being a normal and functional human. Or just plain old getting your rocks off. All are great reasons to get laid. Safely, of course.