Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Remember Girls, Modest is Hottest!

As we move into warmer days I find myself longing for my shorts and tank tops, but also preparing myself for the stares and judgments that will accompany them.  Living in Utah with no religious ties and there for with out the stigmas of dressing "modest" is sadly, rather lonely.

Now don't get me wrong I have my friends and we have a blast, but I mean lonely in the dating field.  The moment you decided to dress against the modest norm you brand yourself a skank and unworthy. The "licked cupcake" if you will.  When it comes to dating in Utah, being considered any of those things is like driving the nail into your coffin.  No boy's mother wants him dating THAT kind of a girl.

The way I dress would be considered rather conservative in most parts of the country, but the mass majority in this state are far too fundamental. Their idea of what is modest is soooo extreme that girls who are not their brand of modest are just trying to tempt their boys away from god! But modesty is just a word used to put the responsibility of men's behavior on women's shoulders. Now why is that fair?  Why should my worth be based upon what I wear and what others assume my purity status is? It's partially because of things like this I'm looking at going out of state for college where they are a lot more open minded.

Don't get me wrong wear what you want to wear, but don't do it because you have people telling you "When you dress to gain other's attention, you lose God's." Wear what you want because its comfortable and you feel good in it!!! A cupcake I may be... with all its delicious and voluptuous frosting exposed, but I have never been licked. Even if I have been doesn't mean I'm less palatable or worthy of the opposite sex! (Or that it is any of your business).