Monday, January 16, 2012

Hey Everybody, Every Body Is Beautiful!

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been forever since I have posted, but life has been ridiculously busy going to school full time and working full time. But I'm back and my goal is to write at least one blog post a month.

But, enough of my excuses! I want to talk about a picture that has been floating around my circle on Facebook. This one to be exact.

When I first saw this picture I couldn't help thinking "HELL YES! Curves are where it's at!" This picture promotes healthy weight for women and not the usual stick thin models that are shoved down our throats every time we go to the store or turn on the TV. So I shared it on my profile. It was then brought to my attention a healthy weight isn't the only thing this picture is trying to tell women. It's trying to tell the small amount of women who are naturally tiny that their body type is not attractive. (This is why discussion is a good thing. It allows us to see more than one side!)

Now, I think this picture had the right intentions. The majority of women aren't and never will be a size zero and this picture was trying to promote the fact that curves are a good thing, be happy with the body you have!
But in trying to do so it inadvertently puts down the women who are thin. I also think the broader discussion this photo brings to the table is how did we go from thinking the natural softness and curves of a woman is something to be desired to thinking the thinner the better? In today's fashion magazines the women we see on the covers aren't representative at all to what women actually look like. These photos can and have been doctored. In a simple click of a button a computer can change the body type of a person. So in reality the majority of women look like women in the bottom row of the photo. But, that bottom row isn't an obtainable body type for some. Many are thinner and even more are heavier. 

In regards to pictures that represent women, I like this one better.

Everyone needs and should be comfortable and happy with the body they are in! Every Body Is Beautiful!


  1. I love reading your blog. You need to write more!

  2. Hmm, I feel the girls body language speaks to me more than their weight does. The one on the left seems more shy, whereas the one in the middle comes off as flirtatious. The lady on the right eludes me though. Personally I would go for the one in the middle, but I do agree that each is beautiful in their own way. What's with their shoes though? It doesn't look humanly possible to fit into something like that..