Monday, August 6, 2012

Feminism, the Horror!


A word with a ridiculously negative connotation. A word that will peg the believer as a social blight.  I have been called a crazy feminist, a man hater, feminazi, and many other negative things because I openly call myself a feminist. Am I crazy for wanting to be equal to my male counterparts? Does my want for equality automatically mean I hate men? The answer to these questions is of course No. What is crazy about wanting equality, to want the same opportunities and respect my brothers, my father, and my male friends get at birth because they are men? I don't want to be superior to men I just want to be equal and that certainly doesn't mean I hate men. I quite enjoy men actually! 

The thing is most people are feminists they just don't know or don't want to openly admit it. Do you think a woman deserves equal pay, the right to govern her own body, speak her mind, and the right to equality in general? If you do guess what? You my friend are a feminist

Feminist shouldn't be a word that reflects negatively on a person, it should be a word that is worn and spoken with pride. A feminist can be anyone and should be everyone! We are not a group of evil, crazy, man hating women who want to take over the world! We are a group of women AND men who think everyone deserves equality!